Tips for healthy Throat

The throat is one of the very important organs. One will have to take good care of throat especially if he or she is a singer. A singer will have to be very cautious while you go out or party hard. Singers usually do not drink cold water. they do not scream.  Here are few tips to keep your throat clean and healthy. There are a few things you can do, some more drastic and others more gentle but will help you all the way.

  1. Know this trick, always drink water slowly, let it run down your throat slowly, and you should feel the run.
  2. Never drink ice cold water, this will damage your throat
  3. Gargle with warm water and a pinch of baking soda, this soothes the throat. water should be lukewarm, not hot
  4. Gargle with lukewarm water, try to sing a tone with a bit of water at the back of your mouth this will certainly help in taming your voice.
  5. Gargle with warm water and a tablespoon of salt, this is an age-old method to keep throat healthy.
  6. Further, warming up the voice is not just for singers, one will have to do voice exercises which will keep throat and the voice in condition.
  7. Gargle with apple cider vinegar, it works wonders. It might smell nasty but very effective method.
  8. Do not smoke and avoid drinking alcohol.
  9.  Do lip or tongue trills, especially in the morning. It is better to do it in the shower or on your drive to work as to make a better use of airflow and breath.
  10. Singing in the morning is always a good one for the throat and the other for your mind.
  11. In the early morning, always warm-ups with mild voice exercises like low vocal scales do not do any complicated harsh exercises.
  12. You can also do these exercises throughout the day to reduce muscular tension in the neck, shoulders and jaw.
  13. Humming and cooing to warm up your voice in the morning is an excellent exercise but make sure nobody yells at you.

These simple tips will certainly help you in taking care of your throat.

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