Cool your EYES !

Keep your eye cool and clean is very essential. As it is said eyes are the window to the world. You have to be careful and wise while you handle your eyes. Here are simple tips to keep your eye cool:

  • Wash eyes with cold water at the same time use a fresh towel – As soon as you get up or before going to bed wash your eyes with cold water. This keeps the eyes cool and clean. This should be practiced as it will prevent dark circles and puffiness. Also always preferably use a fresh towels to wipe the eyes.
  • Wear goggles\sunglasses – Your eyes are very delicate hence you will have to protect your eye from the sun rays, harsh lights, breeze, dust, pollution, etc. Wear sunglasses while travelling at the same time wear goggles while you swim.
  • Remove eye make-up –  Tt is very important to remove the eye makeup. Eye makeup can enter the eye balls and scratch the cornea. These may cause infections in the eye and lead dangerously harmful.
  • Look at a distance – Working on computer will cause stress to the eyes. You must get into the habit of looking at far off distances for every half an hour. And even look at dark green colour at the distance.
    Vitamin A for eyes– Always add vitamin A in your diet. Foods that are rich in Vitamin A include sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, broccoli, eggs, papayas, fish and mangoes.

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