Take a nap everyday ?!

Have you imagined of taking a nap after your lunch? Here you can claim to take a nap at your office until you are not fired!

  1. A nap restores alertness. A quick nap can bring us back up to speed in your routine. Research recommends a short nap of twenty to thirty minutes.
  2. A nap prevents burnout. Working day and night without sleep will harm but at the same time if you work all the day without taking rest in between then it so leads to stress, frustration, and burnout. Take a nap to reboot your system. It relieves stress.
  3. A nap heightens sensory perception. Napping can restore the sensitivity of sight, hearing, and taste. Napping will help in increasing the creativity.
  4. A nap reduces the risk of heart disease. A nap helps in relaxing your body and less risk.  helps reduce heart risks.
  5. A nap makes you more productive. So the companies should let you take a nap. research has said it will increase the productivity.


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