Make your own Kajal at home

Kajal will enhance the elegance of one’s eye. Kajal has become a fashion nowadays. There are expensive kajals found in the market. But making kajal at home it safe and hygienic. If you are allergic of chemical kajal then this is one of the best homemade kajals.


  1. Arrange the apparatus. Place a copper plate over two tumbles and now place the burning terracotta lamp (diya) with castor oil in it.

2. Let the lamp bur for about 20 minutes and lift up the plate (plate will be really hot). You will find soot collected at the bottom of the plate.

3. Scrap out the suit with a blunt knife or from the back side of the spoon.Take it out in a dry container and add few drops of ghee(butter) in it.It will form a black paste.You can store it in a steel box.


This is one of the oldest and most safe methods of making Kajal at home.

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