Home-Made Lip Balm

Lip balm can be made at home very easily and in a simple manner. It is very safe to use since all the ingredients used will be organic. Follow this simple technique to make lip balm.


  • Beeswax (example- 1 tablespoon) – 1 part
  • Cocoa butter (example-2 tablespoons) Note: Shea Butter or Mango butter will also work – 2 parts
  • Coconut oil (example-2 tablespoons) – 2 parts
  • Essential oil of choice (or more or less to your preference) – 20 drops


  1. Make a double boiler, by taking a saucepan and placing an inch of water in it and over it place a bowl (better to use porcelain or a glass ) over it. And then turn on the flames to medium heat.
  2. Now, place all ingredients into the bowl over the saucepan, except the essential oils. Make sure no water is entered inside the bowl.
  3. Turn off the heat while all the ingredients are melted. Keep stirring well turning off the flames.
  4. Now, add the essential oil that you wish to.
  5. It is always better to leave the jar in the warm water but make sure you turn off the heat.
  6. Since the mixture will settle slightly as it cools shake slightly every 2 munites for 3 times.
  7. Now, let it sit without touching for several hours.
  8. Store in a cool dry place

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