Silicon benefits for health

Silicon is known as a beautifying mineral. It has many health benefits. It is helpful for nails, hair, and skin care.
Here are benefits:

Skin Care

Silicon prevents the skin from becoming swollen or flabby. It helps in restoring the natural glow. It helps in brightening the eyes as well. It has the great ability to prevent several serious skin problems.

Promotes Healing

It will also help in protecting diseases like tuberculosis and the others which are related to mucous membranes. These are most often used in ointments as it helps in increasing the healing rate. It also helps to heal fractures.

Prevents Brittle Nails

Silicon plays a very important role in the maintenance of nail health. The nails may get brittle if there is silicon deficiency. It helps in improving the quality of nails. It protects them against several nail infections.

Helps Strengthen Bones

Silicon is necessary for the maintenance of bone health. It helps in elevating the deposition of different minerals like calcium in the bone tissues.

Prevents Aluminum Toxicity

Research says that Aluminum is found in the brain lesions of patients suffering from the Alzheimer’s disease. It has been discovered that silicon reduces the signs and symptoms of aluminium toxicity. Silicon bonds with aluminum prevent the absorption of the latter in the gastrointestinal tract.

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