Child Safety Tips !

Parents always tend to be present near their kids. But this is really not possible all the time. You have to let your kids free and venture new things but you have to teach or give them some basic rules. It is important that you teach your kids about basic safety. Here are few which will help in keeping your kids safe.

Teach Your Name, Number And Address:

Though your kids are still small but it is important to teach them your name (parent’s name), contact details, contact number or even address or simply name of the office you work. This will help in an emergency where the kid is all alone.

Let The kids Not Allowed To Touch Their Body:

Most important thing is that you teach about good touch and bad touch. Tell your kid that no one is allowed to touch except mommy, and sometimes daddy. Tell them that they have to inform you or alert people around immediately if someone else is touching you.

Never Eat Anything Given By A Stranger:

Teach them that they should never ever eat if any stranger gives them any food. Tell them the dangers of eating food by a stranger. At the same time teach them how to politely refuse in case someone is offering food.

Do Not Climb The Fence:

Tell them not to climb the fence while they are playing. It is always risky to climb fences as the kid might fall, get scratches.


No To Fire:

Kids should always be kept away from the fire. Whether or not, kids should know that they are absolutely not allowed to play with fire.


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