Earthen ware – best cookery-wears

Utensils we cook in are to be chosen wisely! Earthen ware is one of the best cookery-wears to cook food as it very beneficial for our health! Cooking food in earthenware tastes great and is extremely healthy!

Inexpensive and easily available – In India earthenware is inexpensive. And it has been a practice that since ages we have been using earthenware. In comparison to other cooking utensils earthenware is cheap and easily available in the market. You can get them in different shapes and sizes. You can even talk to the potter customise the utensil.

Flavourful food – It is said that the porous nature of a clay makes it retain moisture and heat within it. The moisture and the heat trapped in the pores will help good great with its flavour. Moreover, that earthy taste and aroma are unmatchable and extraordinary!

Cool and fresh-  Store water in clay pot rather than plastic or other containers. It keeps it cool and tastes earthy. You can even store fresh vegetables and fruits in it. It keeps them fresh for longer time. You can even avoid refrigerator and the water will have a natural sweetness to it!

Health benefits – Research says that all the nutrients of the food will be retained. At the same time, you will get calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sulphur and several other compounds from earth wear! It balances the PH level of the food you cook as clay pots are alkaline in nature so they mix well with acidic food!

Good for Milk and Milk products – Since ages we have been storing milk and milk products in clay pots, like curd, ghee, butter milk, butter and there has been a tradition of making sweets like Mishti doi or sweetened curd in clay pots. The fabulous robust aroma and taste will make you go out of this world.

Pretty: You get earthenware in different shapes and sizes. Use a wooden ladle to stir.  Use clay tea cups to drink tea, it will taste heaven. You can place them on any kind of dining table to look pretty.



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