How to Get Rid of Smoking !!

People who have attempted to quit smoking know how difficult it can be. Most of them try to quit smoking but end up in vain. Nicotine cravings can be powerful, it can cause many difficulties like mood swings, appetite fluctuation, weight gain, anxiety, and financial crisis. There are plenty of effective remedies and here are few:

Setting a Date: Most importantly you will have to set a definite date for stop smoking. You can succeed to quit smoking only if you fix a dead end. Never say “I’ll quit someday soon” instead fix a deadline. Making excuses only weakens you in future quitting attempts.

Avoiding Triggers: You can get instigated while you hang out in some places, while with certain people, if you are driving when the windows open, etc. It is always best to avoid such triggers.

Meditation and Relaxation: The research also says that you can succeed in getting rid of tobacco addiction by meditation, yoga, or going to the gym. These activities will fill your time and attention with something beneficial for both your body and mind.

Chew Chewing-Gum: Tobacco addiction is often related to oral addiction. Chewing chewing-gum (or nicotine gum) whenever the craving for a cigarette arises can help you fight the temptation.

Saving Money: Always think of saving money. Cigarettes are very expensive, so saving all of the money you would spend on cigarettes can be used for some constructive work. Saving money will encourage you to save more and more and avoid getting back to the habit.

Alcohol and Caffeine: Two of the most common prompt for smoking are alcohol and caffeine. Cigarettes with coffee or Tea and along with beer or any alcohol are found often going together. Try to cut back on such habits. This will certainly make a change in your life.

If all these do not work then you will have to consult the doctor and take consultations from de addiction centres.


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