Amla – the Indian Gooseberry

Amla or Indian gooseberry has high vitamin-C content. They are used from ages in Asia and especially in India. Amla is a great medicine which is used in many ways.  It helps in food absorption, balances stomach acid, fortifies the liver, nourishes the brain and mental functioning, supports the heart, strengthens the lungs, regulates elimination of free radicals, enhances fertility, helps the urinary system, increases skin health, promotes healthier hair, acts as a body coolant, flushes out toxins, increases vitality, strengthens eyes, improves muscle tone, acts as an antioxidant and what not .

Here are few medicinal values which we would like to share:

Hair care: Amla enriches hair growth and hair pigmentation. Apply gooseberry paste to the scalp or even eating directly can enhance and strengthens the roots of hair. At the same time, it maintains the colour, and improves the lustre.

Improves eye sight:  It helps in improving eye sight. Drink amla juice with honey this will helps in preventing cataracts and also improves near sightedness.

Calcium Absorption: One of the less discussed benefits of Amla is how it helps the body absorb calcium in a positive way. Calcium is an essential component of our bones, teeth, and nails, and also ensures that we have beautiful lustrous hair. So, eating a vitamin C-rich fruit like Indian gooseberries is a great way to keep your body looking and feeling great.

Calcium Absorption:  It helps in absorbing calcium in a positive way. Calcium is very essential for bone and teeth.

Menstrual cramps:  Regular consumption of Amla will help reduce menstrual cramps. Women can be healthy even in their menstruation time.

Anti-Aging: Hyperlipidaemia by lessening a number of free radicals. It has antioxidant qualities. Free radicals are associated with signs of ageing like wrinkles and age spots.

Reduces infection: It improves the body’s immune system and also prevents from infections. They are very good source of vitamin C, antioxidant abilities help be healthy as they are very essential for good health.


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