Say Cheese !!

Cheese is usually considered as a bad food. We usually avoid cheese and hardly use in our diet.

Here are few medical benefits of cheese.

Prevents decay:
Cheese is a very rich source of calcium. This helps your teeth to be strong. Cheese has a lower content of lactose(which harms teeth). Hence there is no harm in eating cheese in a limit. It is especially good for kids.

Cancer Prevention:
The conjugated Linoleic Acid and Sphingolipids which is present in the cheese plays a very important function in cancer prevention. They also prevent many diseases since cheese contains a large amount of vitamin C. 

Weight Gain:
It has natural fat which can lead to weight gain. Cheese contains fat, calcium, proteins, vitamins, and minerals which make muscles and bones strong. It also aids in balanced metabolism. To the surprise, there are cheeses which can maintain your weight and taste great in your food.

Makes your bones strong:
Cheese contains calcium and Vitamin B. It is ultimately for the bone health of elderly people, children and pregnant and lactating mothers to strengthen their bones.

Prevents osteoporosis, it is caused due to the deficit of calcium.

Skin Glow:
Vitamin B helps in keeping the skin healthy. Including cheese in your diet will improve your skin texture.

Reduces Sinus:
Cheese is also the best source of calcium and calcium intake reduces the problem of migraines.

Now after reading this article do not hesitate to add cheese in your diet.


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