Sun light is a Natural Vitamin Resource


Sun is a natural vitamin factory. It helps you in leading a healthy life. Here is a list of benefits from exposure to the sunlight.

  1. It cheers you up

    We feel happier and energetic in the morning when the sun shines it’s because of the sunshine increases and boosts levels of serotonin (body’s natural happy hormone). The research also says that regular exposure to early morning sun can help in moderating depression along with some exercise. It’s also been shown that exercising outdoors creates more endorphins in the body than exercising indoors.

  2. Reduces heart disease

    In some nations where winters have hardly any sunshine, people are more likely to die of heart disease in winter than in summer. It is believed to be because of low levels of vitamin D during winter. It is found that cholesterol levels rise in winter because our vitamin D levels fall. There are also findings that if a person with high blood pressure is exposed to UVB rays, lowers blood pressure by similar amounts as prescribed drugs.

  3. Prevents diabetes:

    Vitamin D helps in preventing the arrival of diabetes. Vitamin D deficiency is also thought to contribute to Type II diabetes.

  4. Helps prevent MS:

    Scientists have noted that exposure to sunlight in childhood reduce the risk of Multiple sclerosis (MS). It is a disease of the central nervous system which can lead to tremors and even paralysis.

  5. Prevents cavities:

    The sun could even help to keep your teeth strong. A dental study found the prevalence of cavities among people who are less exposed to sunlight.

  6. Reduces risk of cancers:
    We all know that over exposure to the sun increases your risk of skin cancer. But at the same time, vitamin D provided by sunlight can help in reducing the risk of other types of cancer.  It is found that people exposed to high levels of sunlight hardly suffer or die from breast and colon cancer. It even reduces bladder, womb, and stomach cancers.

  7. Boosts fertility: It is found that most of the women conceive in summer. The sun reduces levels of the hormone melatonin. This hormone suppresses fertility. And sunlight not only makes you more fertile, it increases the fertility span. Sunlight also boosts testosterone levels in men, which makes summer the perfect time for reproduction.

  8. Beats period problems

    Research says that one of the reasons why abnormal periods, unwanted body hair and infertility problems are also caused due to less exposure to the sun.

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