Nails reflect your health

Nails reflect your health. Here are few tips for keeping your nails healthy:

  1. Keep nails clean and dry.

  2. Cut nails: Use sharp nail cutter. Nail should be cut round at the tips for maximum strength and do not harm anybody.

  3. Keep nails shaped and free of dirt.

  4. Do not bite fingernails. Doing so can damage the nails and you might even swallow them which is not ideal.

  5. Never use your nails as a tool it might chip off your nail such as opening pop cans.

  6. Trim toe-nails regularly. Keeping them short will minimize the risk of injuries.

  7. Soak your feet in warm water to cut toenails which are thick and difficult to cut. In a small tub of lukewarm water mix one teaspoon of salt and soak for 5 to 10 minutes.

  8. Wear correct size shoes so that it fits properly

  9. If your nails swell or cause pain, or chip out, or slits then see your dermatologist because these can be signs of serious nail problems.

  10. If you have diabetes or poor circulation, it’s especially important to seek treatment for any nail problems.
    Take care and be healthy




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