Basic social etiquette

Basic social etiquette are very essential for a person to be respected by others. Be it in office or among friends or even among family there need to be some etiquette.

Be Kind, Friendly and Polite: You will encounter many people in and around your space and you will have to be polite and humble to them. Even though the situation is getting worse, a small smile can bring great change within someone.

Be On Time: Never be late to meet someone. It may be an office appointments, meetings, gatherings with friends or anything else, never make anybody wait since time is very precious and you will never get it back.

Be Helpful to others: Small help can bring great strength to the other person. Or can bring great smile on other person’s face. Like you can always help someone to open the door when they are loaded with bags in their arms, vacate the seat for senior citizens or pregnant women.

Let Others Go First: Let women with kids, pregnant woman, senior citizens go first and get space to sit. And most impotently give space to the ambulance and never become an obstacle.

Control the Noise: Always keep your voice low while interacting with anybody. Keep the ring tone of your phone as low as possible and if you have to talk on phone when you are along with your mates then always ask an excuse and get separated from the group and then talk in lower voice.

Eat Politely: Never eat as if you have never seen the food for years. Do not make sound while you chew. Always ask and serve others, especially kids and elders. The table manners are very essential while you are on a official dinner meet or even casual.

Say Thank You or Sorry: Always thank people for their deeds. Thanks them for helping you, it will always build in a pleasant relationship. And if at all you have hurt or disturbed somebody then say sorry. There is nothing to loose while you say Thank-you or Sorry!

Introduce People: Make a point that you introduce people who is along with you to your fellow friends.

Respect Others: Respect each other’s personal space, allow others voice to be heard. Talk politely with respect.

Be wise in handling your mobile: Do not get indulged in mobile while somebody is talking to you. Respect them while they talk to you respond sensibly.

These are few etiquette to adopt and follow them in your life which will help you make a wonderful person in the society.

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