Power cut ! But invert is also not working?

Nowadays, backup power supply has become very essential as nobody wants to waste time when there is a power cut. As the world runs under digital technology and hence dependent hugely on electricity. A person would never wish for an electricity shortage. However, these shortages are reality in today’s world, as there is tremendous use of electronic appliances and machineries in our routine life.
In such a scenario one will need UPS and Inverter for regular power supply. We have a bunch of technocrats who can install and do the servicing of the UPS and Inverte. So you need not worry about the constant power cuts and shortage of electricity. Simply log into intimeservice.com Skilled technocrats provide in time protection for your critical equipment.
On request, the technician will contact you and will visit your place for inspect the device and provide required service at an affordable price. Upon permission, the work will start to ensure that it gets completed in time.
Professionals are skilled to install, repair and do the servicing of various brands like APC, Su-Kam, Microtek, V-Guard, Emerson, Kevin, Mahindra, ABB, Aeon, aargee, Liebert, etc.
You contact us and we are there to help in resolving your problems. The procedures book the service is very simple. Once you log into the website you will come to know the simple procedure.
The service is genuine and can trust us.
We are always at your help, for any of your concerns. Feel free to contact us.

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