Microwave is a wonder kitchen appliance !

Microwave oven is one of the most essential kitchen appliances. It helps save time. A very ‘time efficient’ kitchen appliance. It cooks food very fast. While you make your kid ready to school, the food will be ready prepared. You can reheat the food, defrost the frozen food very easily. And most importantly retains the nutrients. It is a miraculous invention in the field of cooking and modern technology.

When such an appliance gets spoiled it is obvious that your life style will completely get affected. So here we come with a magic wand to help restore your problem. You can contact our technicians through our website intimeservice.com. There are bunch of technicians who are professionals. They are skilled and can guide you. On mutual approval, the microwave oven will be taken by the technician and will be returned back in time and in condition.

Our hassle free services are available in many cities across India. Choose the city, the location you live in and select the technician accordingly. We provide a reasonable service at your doorstep. The workmanship of all the technicians is appreciable. Advanced technology is used to provide the required service. Systematic procedures, accurate testing and reliable repairs and services will be provided.

At the same time you are always free to contact us for any queries.

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