Mobile has become a basic necessity

Mobile is so essential more than any gadgets. It has become an vital commodity of life. Without which, it would seem like the world has stopped or we are lagging behind and the world is running fast!!

So if your mobile phone gets hammered then do not get panic! we are just few minutes away from you to sort your problem.

On raising a request, our experts will contact you to the alternative number that you would have mentioned to us. In consultation with you the technician will drop into your place and pickup the mobile phone for service or if necessary, will repair it accordingly on the spot.

The technicians are skilled in operating latest mobile phones. And are verse with latest technology. We care for your valuables hence we take care of them delicately. The services we provide are varied from screen replacement, removing of malware to every software and hardware, tablet screen repair issues, etc. in a professional way.

We will always be at your service. Please call us or put a mail and we are there for you.

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