Menstrual Myths and Taboos !

Menstrual myths will lead to menstrual taboo. Menstrual myths can cause serious health issues among women. Most popular myths believed to be true in a lot of communities, countries, especially in South Asia. Along with logical/scientific explanations debunk these myths.

Myth 1: A menstrual woman is impure, polluted, sick and is cursed.

Fact: A menstruating woman is not impure. Menstruation is a natural process. A healthy woman will have to menstruate.

Myth 2:   Menstruating woman should not enter the kitchen and not even cook. She will make kitchen impure and people who eat food prepared by her will get sick!

Fact: Cooking or entering kitchen will not harm anybody. Woman can cook whatever in the kitchen as usual. At the same time hygiene measures should be followed.

Myth 3 : Menstruating woman cannot perform any ritual ceremonies. They have to be forbidden to enter any shrine. Should not let them touch any sacred entity.

Fact: Woman is never and cannot be impure. No human being is impure. Since these practices are followed in most part of the world.

Myth 4: Menstruating woman should be isolated from the house and some times even away from the vicinity. As they are considered evil and sick.

Fact: She will need nutritious food during menstruation. Keeping her away from the vicinity might sicken her. Risk of infection, and other illnesses might be caused.

Myth 4 : Menstruating woman should not touch pickle, wine, milk or while making them as it will get spoiled.

Fact: There is no such scientific proof to say that menstruation will spoil any food while it is touched or while cooking.

Myth 5: A menstruating woman when she physically contacts a man then she will get pregnant.

Fact: No physical contact like hug, touch or kiss can make woman pregnant. Intercourse will only make a woman pregnant.

Myth 6: Using pads is harmful and not right. Should use only cloths.

Fact: Pads or menstrual cups are essential. As and when you can change the pad. At the same time washing cloths and drying them along with the other laundry is always considered offence and humiliating. So using pad and menstrual cup is essential.

Menstruation myths have deep rooted in our nerves. This has to be taken off uproot these taboos. The new generation should think before following such myths! It’s high time that we woman debunk the menstrual taboo! These myths are disastrous for women’s health at the same time it holds women  back in many ways.  It is very essential to raise our next generation free from menstrual taboos. At the same time we will have to provide a hygienic and free toilet rooms to change their pads. Educating women on menstruation is very important but educating men is much more important ! Lets be part of educating people to eradicate menstrual myths and taboos.





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