Never scrub the charred pan!

Cleaning burnt food off a pan is one of the most frustrating jobs post cooking. You will have to mess on your hands and the whole kitchen and might end up scrubbing the pan. Scrubbing pan might spoil the surface of the pan and might not be in condition to use them again. Luckily, we will tell you an alternative to this hard, time-consuming work.

Do not scrub the charred pan!

If you have scorched your favourite pan, remove the pan from the heat right away and run it under warm water. This should be done immediately before you sit down to eat. Next, place the pan to cool at an empty spot on the stove. Place dryer sheet and place it in the pan filled with soapy water. The dryer sheet should be fully merged in the pan. Allow the pan to rest for one hour and then check on it. Badly charred pans might need to rest overnight.

After an hour or so you are ready to pour the solution out of the pan into the drain.  Most of the dirt that was stuck to the pan will pour out with the solution. While this method may not remove all grime, it will have loosened the stuck dirt on the pan. This will allow you to simply wipe off the dirt rather than straining your elbow and your peace of mind. Finally give a wash to the pan by hand or through a dishwasher.
Now you can be stress free and relax even if your pan gets charred !

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