Take care of your Skin in this Monsoon !

Monsoon will lower the resistance power of the body. Several infections taking place in the body which leads to number of diseases. You may get many problems like indigestion, typhoid, common cold, cough and also skin problem. Infection spreads through air, food and drinks which are the basic necessities for a person to live.  You will have to be extremely cautious during Monsoon.  Skin in usually becomes delicate and gets infected very fast. Here are several tips to keep your skin healthy:

Drink lot of water: Drink as much water as you can even if you do not wish to. It may lead to frequent urination but still do not stop drinking.  Water will lushes out all the unwanted toxins.

Dry Skin Type: Lack of Vitamins will lead to dry skin. Vitamins help in repairing dry and damaged skin. Skin should be hydrated to look healthy. Monsoon worsens the condition. You repair your skin by:
Using cleansers that are clean based.
Moisturize your skin frequently with a suitable moisturizer.
You can also use rose water and glycerin it will keep your skin healthy.
Do not use alcohol based toners.
Wash your face 3-4 times a day It will get rid of the excess oil from your face.
To unclog the pores and to exfoliate your skin use facial scrubs.
Use natural scrubs instead of chemical based.
Use mild cleansers.
Use home remedies such as pack made like besan (gram flour), and milk, lemon and honey, etc. that revitalize your skin. Such packs will makes skin look fresh and glowing.
Just pat dry on the face and don’t rub.

Use sunscreen lotion even if the sun is not visible.

To prevent the lips from cracking by using milk cream in the night and wash off in the morning.




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