Myths during Pregnancy

The most pleasant and cozy feel of being pregnant is that adoration and care from the family and friends. At the same time almost everybody would be ready with a list of dos and don’ts. In which few would be true and few just a myth ! Be cautious about such myths and be wise and consult your gynecologist.

Here is a list of some myths and the actual realities.

  1. This is a most common myth, if a woman has a big belly then there is all possibility that it is a girl and if she is carrying low it is a boy.Fact:Doctors say there is no scientific evidence for this assumption. It is the woman’s muscle size, the position of the fetus, posture, and the quantity of fat accumulated around her abdomen will determine the size and shape of a pregnant belly.
  2. If your mother had an trouble-free pregnancy and delivery then you will also have no problem.

Fact: Genetic factors do not play any role in forecasting how your pregnancy and delivery will be. The diet and the lifestyle play a role in determining how things will go. At the same time size and position of the baby will also matter.

  1. You should never sleep on your back it will hurt your baby.Fact: Doctors advise sleeping on your left side increase blood flow to your uterus and placenta. You will never harm won’t harm your baby if you sleep on your back. It is that you feel better if  you sleep on your side.
  2. Shun exercise and sex, it will hurt the baby.

Fact: Every mother should know that there are seven layers skin that form the abdominal to protect your baby. If you had had any complications and the doctor has advised you not to exercise then do not. Otherwise there is no fear.

Listen to what elders say, but don’t necessarily follow everything. Be wise enough to judge what is real and what is myth. Follow the guideline of your gynecologist.

Happy Pregnancy !




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