Worried About Cleaning House After a Party?

A clean and presentable house for our guests will always make them feel cozy. But maintaining it all the way is quite tiresome. Few of us will take hours and hours to keep the house clean. But soon after a big fat party, it is for sure that the house to get shabby. Here are few tips that will make your work easier post party. You can keep the mess under control. Tidying up of the party mess is tiresome. You can DIY or you can always hire house cleaning service provider.

Before Party:

  1. Disposable containers: Paper cups, plates, etc. can help you in saving water and also time in cleaning.
  2. Place trash bin in appropriate spots:So that guests can dispose of cups, plates and bottles. Instead of leaving used ones everywhere.
  3. Segregate the trash bin: Guests can dispose Wet and Dry waste accordingly.
  4. Make sure that your dishwasher is empty to load in the party utensils.
  5. Share the leftover food: Stock up on carryout or take-and-toss containers.The more you give away the leftovers to your friends the less you’ll have to battle for cleanliness.
  6. Clear the refrigerator: Clear the refrigerator and make sufficient space to dump the leftover food and drinks.

After the party:

Never get upset and get distracted by the overall scenario.

  • Pickup all the trash in a huge bin bag.
  • Sweep the house roughly and collect dirty glasses and other items to be washed in the tub or bucket, and then place them all in the kitchen.
  • Put all your dishes into the dishwasher. Let it run and you can concentrate on cleaning other area.
  • Wipe counters, sink, and other kitchen surfaces. if the mess in kitchen is stubborn then you can avail kitchen cleaning service
  • Launder tablecloths, napkins, and towels from the restroom. Don’t forget the bath towels, as they are always forgotten and neglected.  For tough stains you can give it for dry cleaning.
  • Vacuum clean the carpets: Carpets need to be cleaned and maintained hygiene as you will not notice tiny food scrambles and stains which might rot and sting.
  • Clean up hard stains: Stains on sofa, couches, curtains, table cloths, etc takes big time to make them tidy.
  • Clean the bathroom and toilet: Bathroom sink, toilet, etc to be cleaned washed buy the disinfectant cleaner.
  • Now finally give thorough sweep and mop on the floors.






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