Colour is you!! hence, Choose the Right Colour to Your Room

Colours of the rooms are direct reflection of our personality. Always keep in mind that each color has a psychological, emotional, and even physical impact. Certain colors make you feel energetic, gloomy, and anxious; they can influence every emotion. To create peace and harmony in your home, choose your colors wisely.

People concentrate on choosing the best colour that will suit their taste, traits, personality. What you pick defines who you are. It is not to scare you or make you feel anxious, it is just a piece of information; choose the right colour to the right space.

  1. Blue: Blue is the most relaxing color. Blue has been known to lower blood pressure. At the same time, it increases production by calming the mind. Perhaps creativity increases. Perfect for an office and also a color for bedrooms and bathrooms.
  2. Green: The color of nature – Green. It is a restful color to the eyes and brings a refreshing feel Reduces anxiety and helps us stay calm and refreshed. Can be used for your interior and exterior. Have huge possibilities. Living room can look refreshing.
  3. Pink: Promotes tranquility and peace. It’s peacefulness support balance of your energies. Pink is considered as a feminine color most often seen in a baby girl’s room. But the right shade of pink can look beautiful in any room.
  4. Orange tends to encourage excitement and enthusiasm can be used on one wall of a living room, or in a fitness room.
  5. PURPLE : Purple is the combination of red and blue. Purple in its darkest shades is dramatic and associated with luxury. Would be appropriate in a living room combined with white, child’s room.
  6. YELLOW Yellow captures the spirit of the sun and gives off a feeling of happiness. This color is best used for small spaces or as an accent color.

This colour is considered as cheerful, yellow can have some negative effects. In a living room or in a hotel painted on one wall combined with other lighter colours might add brightness to the space.

  1. Red: Increases room’s energy level. It is a great color for the living room or dining room. It will draw people together. It would even do well in an entryway because it creates a strong impression of warmth.
  2. Neutral Colors include black, grey, white and brown.

-Black represents power and grace. As well as help give a room depth. But most of whom do not prefer.

-White echo purity and at the same time cleanliness.

-Brown and rusty colours have become embellishers.

Colour is you!




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